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Home Bearing&Bearing Bush Nvd48 Main Bearings
Nvd48 Main Bearings
Nvd48 Main Bearings
Nvd48 Main Bearings
Nvd48 Main Bearings

Nvd48 Main Bearings

NVD 48 main bearings

    We steel marine service are stockist and suppliers of skl engine and spares.We provide oem spares / parts of all models. We provide complete engine (project)

spares / parts - liner / cylinder head / piston / connecting rod / piston ring / crankshaft / camshaft / fuel pump / c.R bearings / main bearings / turbo chargers / nozzle / plungers / engine blocks and all other spares as per requirements. We do all inspections like pressure test / hardness test /mpi test etc before adding spares/parts in our stock and also before supplying. Dear sir/mam our stock is wide enough to provide your required with correct and on time.

Other spare parts:
Plunger pair NVDS 48A3U right
Plunger pair NVDS 48A3U left
The valve of a delivery injection pump NVDS48A3U / 7048-305641
The valve of a delivery injection pump NVD48АU 25053/7900-02400
CHN18/22  01-120006-1, Chrome plated compression ring

NVD48A-2Udescriptionpart No.
main bearing832-02010
main bearing(+0.25mm)832-02010/1
con rod bearing832-08007
con rod bearing(+0.5mm)832-08010/1
con rod bearing832-08011
Compression Ring51124328
Oil scraper Ring51127510
Rectangular ring starting valve 51141507
Starting valve832-12902
Starting slide valve832-27903
Fuel feeling pump832-19901
fuel pump852-19001
distribution valve832-27913
Air reducer832-27914
Distributing slide valve832-27915
Reversing valve832-27916
vent valve832-27918
Air reducer832-27049
Starting valve spindle832-12014
intake valve seat832-10015
exhaust valve seat832-11026
exhaust valve stem832-11027
intake valve stem832-11020
piston ring51124328
seal ring832-34021
control valve832-27915
cylinder head832-10906
cylinder liner832-06003 
suction valve7900-02300
NVD36main bearing672-02008
main bearing(+0.125mm)672-02008/1
con rod bearing672-08007
con rod bearing(+0.125mm)672-08007/1
NVD26main bearing572-02008
main bearing(+0.125mm)572-02008/1
main bearing(+0.25mm)572-02008/2
thrust bearing572-02009
thrust bearing(+0.125mm)572-02009/1
thrust bearing(+0.25mm)572-02009/2
con rod bearing572-08012
con rod bearing(+0.125mm)572-08012/1
con rod bearing(+0.25mm)572-08012/2