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D49 Crankshaft
D49 Crankshaft

D49 Crankshaft

d49 crankshaft

    Diesel D49 - four, with the turbocharged, charge air-cooled direct injection of fuel. Appearance D49 diesel engine block is cast steel-welded design. The lower part of the transverse element block are cast main bearing bed outboard crankshaft. Stamped steel cover (suspension) main bearings have flat seams with the cylinder block, and attached to it by means of bolts in the vertical and horizontal planes. The cylinder block is firmly installed with the traction generator on a welded steel engine subframe, the lower part of which forms the container for oil. A plate clutch to produce a selection of power generators through the elastic coupling is carried out in the PTO hydraulic transmission. On diesel engines D49 are used crankshafts made of steel or ductile iron. Articulated steel shafts are provided with counterweights, which are attached to the shaft by special bolts cheeks three each.

    There are many faults of D49, among them the pressure in the crankcase of a diesel engine; surging of the turbocharger; incorrect operation of the oil filter, oil pressure decrease; enters the fuel oil; the cooling system breaks gas; of cooling water leaves; water gets into the oil; diesel oil enters the water, or vice versa, the water enters the diesel fuel; Oil consumption increased; diesel oil flowing through; constant heating the diesel engine; faults that are related to the combined work of the regulator; diesel stalls at 0-stroke position when the compressor is activated. When these failures, or any other you may need spare parts for diesel locomotives D49, you can buy that in our company & laquo; UkrEnergoRemont . The company's range of & laquo; UkrEnergoRemont there are frequently demanded spare parts for locomotives D49, as finger 5D49.12.33-01 and 5D49.17.06-3 piston 2-5D49.22.1spch and 1-5D49.22.1spch lever D49.78.08, D49.78.09 lever axis 2, sleeve and 5D49.78.11 5D49.78.11-01, D49.78.8spch 1 Hydropusher, 6D49.87spch valve indicator, 4D49.92.6spch-1 leverage axis.